Player Guidelines

All Members and guests are requested to be aware of the following guidelines whilst at Royal Hobart Golf Club

Prior to Play

  • Arrive at least fifteen minutes early to check-in at the Pro Shop.
  • If you cannot meet your tee-time booking please contact the Pro Shop to cancel.
  • Subject to other cancellations, the starter may ask you to change playing groups.
  • Be ready to play when it is your time to tee off.
  • Remember to carry and use a sand bucket.
  • Use course scorecard for reference on yardage and local rules.
  • With the exception of Doctors on call, mobile phones are NOT permitted to be used on the course or in the club’s Bar or Dining Room.
  • Mobile phones must either be switched off or turned onto silent mode.

On the Tee

  • Mark your ball so that you can identify it.
  • Be ready to hit when it’s your turn. Club By-Law 11(k) – players should play when ready through the green and on tees.
  • Hit ONLY when golfers ahead of you are out of range.
  • Stand still and facing other golfers while they are hitting.
  • Watch where all balls go to avoid time spent looking for lost balls.
  • Yell the warning “FORE!” if your ball is heading toward another golfer.

The Fairway

  • Walk directly to your ball unless you reach someone else’s ball first.
  • Player furthest from the hole usually plays first but golfers out of range of the group in front can play first, if ready.
  • Walk briskly between shots and be ready to play when it is your turn.
  • Keep pace with the group in front of you at all times.
  • Assist playing partners when needed by bringing clubs, finding lost balls, etc.
  • Adhere to rules governing the use of motorised carts.
  • Replace all divots, press down firmly, then cover with sand and smooth surface.

On the Green

  • Place your bag or cart between the green and the next tee.
  • Repair pitch marks on the green, commencing from the back of the pitch mark and push forward with a pitch repairer or tee. Complete the repair by tapping down with putter.
  • Avoid stepping on another player’s putting line.
  • Players begin putting when all balls are on the green.
  • The person furthest away from the hole putts first.
  • Mark your ball if it is in the path of another player’s ball.
  • Record all scores on the next tee.

Smoking Policy (Effective from 1st July 2013)

  • Smoking is not permitted within the clubhouse and all ancillary buildings at all times
  • In the following areas on every day in which an organised competition is conducted between the times which are 30 minutes prior to the start of the competition and 30 minutes after the completion of the competition.
    • On the golf course anywhere within 20 metres of the tees, fairways and greens
    • All the practice facilities
    • The concourse and congregation area at the front of the clubhouse between the practice putting green and the clubhouse building
    • The congregation area outside the pro-shop
    • The remainder of the area between the Clubhouse and the first tee and 18th green
    • Anywhere within 3 metres of an entrance to or exit from the clubhouse including the upstairs balcony doors

Local Rules

  • A local rules noticeboard is located outside the Golf Shop and should be read prior to play.

Tips to Avoid Slow Play

The number one problem in golf today, as evidenced by the overwhelming golfer complaint, is SLOW PLAY! The following tips can help you keep pace with the group in front of you at all times.

  • Be ready to hit when it is your turn.
  • Watch all balls until they stop rolling to avoid lengthy searches.
  • Use a fixed object as a reference point.
  • All players should go directly to their own ball and play when ready.
  • If you do fall behind, let faster groups play through.
  • Continue putting until holed out unless you are standing on someone’s putting line.
  • Remember, by keeping pace you make the game more enjoyable for everyone!!

Each member owes a duty to his/her fellow Members to maintain standards befitting Royal Hobart Golf Club.

It is the responsibility of all Members to ensure that their guests conform to the regulations of the Club. Whilst we have adjusted our dress code in line with modern trends, we ask that members and guests dress in good taste at all times.

Any variance to the regulations stated below, are at the discretion of the General Manager or his delegate.


The Dress Code in all areas of the Clubhouse is smart casual attire.

  • Denim – not torn/ripped.
  • Leather Boat shoes and dress sandals with a heel strap may be worn in the Clubhouse without socks.
Not Permitted
  • Tracksuits, logoed Tee shirts, singlets and cargo trousers.

On Course

Club Policy requires all players to be neatly dressed.

  • Neat trousers or shorts/skirts.
  • Shirts with a collar or turtle neck.
  • Short sport and ankle socks which are predominantly plain.
  • Neat, clean trainers may be worn in place of golf shoes.
Not Permitted
  • Metal spiked golf shoes.
  • Blue denim, singlets and track suits are not accepted.


Children’s attire should at all times be neat and appropriate to their usage of the Club’s facilities.

It is permissible for children to wear neat, clean jeans on the course.