Membership Membership Categories


Seven Day Member

Seven Day Members (or Full Members) are entitled to all privileges connected with membership of the Club and shall be entitled to vote and hold office on the Board of the Club.  This includes full unlimited access to the wonderful array of facilities including the 18 hole Championship golf course, practice areas and clubhouse.

Five Day Member

Five Day Members shall be entitled to play on the course on any day available to Full Members except Wednesday and Saturdays. When an open tournament is being played at the club on a Wednesday or Saturday, a Five Day Member shall be permitted to play in such tournament.

Gateway Member

Offers beginners and introductory players the opportunity to join the club for a 6 month period graduating to a 5 or 7 Day membership category. The cost will be 40% of the annual subscription fee for a five day member plus Capitation Fee, Personal Insurance and 50% Clubhouse Charge

Distant Country

Any person who usually resides at any place more than one hundred and fifty (150) kilometres from the Club may be elected or put upon the list of Country Members during such time as he resides beyond such limit.

Membership entitlements for Distant Country members are restricted to Playing Rights only at Royal Hobart Golf Club.

Cadet, Juniors and Colts

Applicable category will depend on the members’ age as at the 1st March each year. Playing rights are the same as for a Seven Day Member but the member will not be entitled to vote or hold office on the Board of the Club.

Student Members – 18 Years and over

The Board, upon being fully satisfied that a Member of the Club is engaged in a course of study at any School, Technical College, University or similar institution involving full-time attendance at lectures or classes in Tasmania may remit a portion of any annual subscription payable by such member.

Social Member

Social Members are entitled to the privileges of and the use of the Clubhouse facilities only and shall not be entitled to play golf on the course or practice facilities. They also are not entitled to vote or hold office on the Board of the Club.